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Front Line Demonstration To Be Conducted During the Year 2016-17
FLD SL. NO.1 OF 16
Title Demonstration of INM in paddy
Crop & Variety MTU-1010
Season & Year Kharif 2016
Problem Low yield of paddy due to improper use of fertiliser
Thematic area INM
Farmer Practice Indiscriminate use of fertiliser without use of micronutrient and bio fertiliser
Name of technology INM in paddy
Source of technology OUAT, 2009
Details of Technology Soil application of azospirillium @ 5 Kg/ha and PSB @ 5Kg/ha and ZnSO4 @ 25 kg/ha, 75% RDF, spraying of 0.2% Boron at the time of flowering
Area 1 ha
No. of Demonstrations 10
Parameters to be observed Technical Observation :Yield (Qtl/ha), No. of tillers/hill,Economic Indicators :Additional return 2. B:C ratio

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sambalpur
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