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Front Line Demonstration To Be Conducted During the Year 2019-20
FLD SL. NO.1 OF 18
Title Demonstration on Chemical weed management in Greengram
Crop & Variety Greengram
Season & Year Rabi 2019-20
Problem Lower yield due to high weed infestation and high cost of manual hand weeding
Thematic area IWM
Farmer Practice Manual weeding
Name of technology Pendimethalin @ 1 kg/ha as pre emergence at 1-2 DAS followed by Imazethapyr @ 75 g/ha as post emergence at 20 DAS
Source of technology AICRP on MULLaRP, Berhampur, Odisha,2014
Details of Technology Pendimethalin is a pre emergence herbicide which gives wide spectrum of weed control like grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds. The mode of action of herbicide is inhibition of root and shoot growth resulting in inhibition of emergence.Pre emergence application takes care of the early flush of weeds and post emergence application of imazethapyr takes care of grassy weeds emerged in later phases in pulses with ALS inhibition and restricts synthesis of essential aminoacids .
Area 1 ha
No. of Demonstrations 10
Parameters to be observed Weed flora composition, Weed control efficiency, no of pods /plant, grain weight /plant, Cost of intervention. Additional income over additional investment Yield (q/ha), B:C ratio

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sambalpur
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