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On Farm Trials To Be Conducted During the Year 2019-20
OFT SL. NO.1 OF 10
Title Assessment of rice varieties tolerance to BPH during kharif
Crop & Variety Rice
Season & Year Kharif 2019
Problem Lower yield due to high BPH/WBPH Infestation
Thematic area Varietal Evaluation
Farmer Practice Cultivation of paddy variety Swarna
TO1 Cultivation of tolerant variety Hasant
TO2 Cultivation of tolerant variety Pooja
TO3 -
Source of technology NRRI, Cuttack, Odisha,2002
Characteristics of TO1 T O1: Hasanta(OR-2328-5) suitable for rainfed/irrigated shallow low land , 145 days duration, Avg. yield: 3.9 t/ha, Tolerant to BPH, WBPH, Blast, Leaf folder.
Characteristics of TO2 T O 2: Pooja/Pratikshya suitable for shallow low land , 145 days duration, Avg yield: 4.5 t/ha, Resistant to Blast. Field tolerant to BPH and other major pests.
Characteristics of TO3 -
Area 1
No. of Demonstrations 7
Parameters to be observed BPH count/m2, Effective panicles/m2, No of Filled grains /Panicle, 1000 grain weight, Cost of intervention. Additional income over additional investment Yield (q/ha), B:C ratio

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