KVK Sambalpur
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KVK Sambalpur
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Front Line Demonstration To Be Conducted During the Year 2020-21
FLD SL. NO.1 OF 17
Title Demonstration on Chemical weed management in irrigated medium land rice
Crop & Variety Paddy
Season & Year Kharif 2020
Problem Lack of adoption of proper chemical weed management practices in time
Thematic area Integrated Weed Management
Farmer Practice Application of Butachlor @1 Kg a.i. /Ha
Name of technology Chemical weed management in irrigated medium land rice
Source of technology AICRP on weed management, OUAT, 2015
Details of Technology Application of pendimethalin @ 750 g/ha as pre-emergence application i.e 0-3 DAT followed by Bispyribac sodium @ 25 g/ha as post-emergence i.e 25 DAT
Area 1 ha
No. of Demonstrations 10
Parameters to be observed Avg. Nos. of tillers/Hill, weeds/m2, Yield(q/Ha), BC Ratio

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sambalpur
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