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Training Programme To be Conducted During the Year 2020-21
The following training programme has been planned by KVK during 2020-21. Interested farmer and farm women can contact KVK to undertake the training.
1FWAgronomyMethod of soil sampling & soil health managementMay
2FWAgronomyINM in RiceJun
3FWAnimal ScienceImportance of control of endo-parasitic infestations in Small ruminantsJun
4FWAnimal ScienceImportance of fodder cultivation in dairy farmingJun
5FWWomen In AgriculturePaddy straw mushroom cultivation for entrepreneurship developmentJun
6FWWomen In AgricultureNutritional kitchen gardening for nutritional security and income generation of Farm WomenJun
7FWAgronomyProductivity enhancement technique used for pulses.Jul
8FWAnimal ScienceImportance of clean milk productionJul
9FWAnimal ScienceCare & management of calves & kidsJul
10ISAnimal ScienceImportance of feeds & fodder for improved milk productionJul
11FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated disease management of Sheath Rot in PaddyJul
12FWWomen In AgriculturePaddy straw mushroom cultivation for entrepreneurship developmentJul
13RYWomen In AgricultureValue addition of seasonal fruits and vegetablesJul
14FWAgronomyPackage and practices for HYV and Hybrid paddy cultivationAug
15FWAnimal SciencePreparation of silage & its advantagesAug
16FWAnimal SciencePreventive measures of mastitis in dairy animalsAug
17FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated insect pest management of Stem Borer and leaf folder in paddyAug
18FWWomen In AgricultureBackyard duck rearingAug
19RYWomen In AgricultureRaising of nursery by school dropouts for income generationAug
20FWAgronomyIWM in PaddySep
21FWAgronomyIWM in oilseed cropsSep
22VocationalAgronomySeed production technique in paddySep
23FWAnimal ScienceAdvantages of treatment of urea to the paddy straw for the dairy animalsSep
24ISAnimal ScienceRole of balanced feeding for pregnant animalsSep
25FWPlant ProtectionIPM module for control of BPH in paddySep
26ISPlant ProtectionIPDM in cereal cropsSep
27ISWomen In AgricultureBalanced diet preparation for pregnant and lactating womenSep
28FWAgronomyIWM in ArharOct
29FWAgronomyINM in sweet cornOct
30RYAgronomySeed production technique in GroundnutOct
31RYAnimal ScienceScientific goat farmingOct
32FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated insect pest management of Pod borer in ArharOct
33FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated disease management in bananaOct
34FWWomen In AgricultureWomen friendly implements for drudgery reductionOct
35FWAgronomyINM in MaizeNov
36FWAnimal ScienceImportance of Integrated farming system for the farmersNov
37RYAnimal ScienceScientific poultry farmingNov
38FWPlant ProtectionRodent control in agricultureNov
39ISPlant ProtectionIPDM in pulsesNov
40FWWomen In AgricultureCultivation practices and value addition of Oyster MushroomNov
41FWWomen In AgricultureValue addition of cereals and pulsesNov
42FWAgronomyINM in MustardDec
43RYAgronomyVermi-compost production technology and its use in agricultureDec
44FWAnimal ScienceFactors affecting quality and quantity of milk productionDec
45FWAnimal ScienceDuck farming for Income generationDec
46FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated disease management of YMV in okraDec
47FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated disease management of leaf curl in TomatoDec
48FWPlant ProtectionIPDM in vegetable cropsDec
49FWWomen In AgricultureOyster mushroom cultivation for economic upliftment of farm womenDec
50VocationalWomen In AgricultureMushroom cultivation for Economic upliftment of Rural YouthDec
51FWAgronomyINM in GroundnutJan
52FWAgronomyINM in green gramJan
53ISAgronomyVermi compost production technologyJan
54FWAnimal ScienceImportance of feeding of concentrate feed for goatsJan
55FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated disease management in green gramJan
56FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated insect pest management of American serpentine leaf miner in tomatoJan
57RYPlant ProtectionIPDM In vegetables cropsJan
58FWWomen In AgricultureFloriculture – An avenue for WSHGJan
59FWWomen In AgricultureValue addition of tomatoJan
60ISAgronomyProductivity enhancement technique used for OilseedsFeb
61FWAnimal ScienceFirst aid management in AnimalsFeb
62FWPlant ProtectionIntegrated disease management in chilliFeb
63RYPlant ProtectionStored grain pest managementFeb
64FWWomen In AgricultureIndigenous storage techniques of grainsFeb
65ISWomen In AgricultureNutritious ready to eat meal from locally available food material for nutritional securityFeb
66VocationalAnimal ScienceScientific Dairy farmingMar
67FWWomen In AgricultureOrnamental Fish Rearing for Income generationMar
68VocationalPlant ProtectionBio-intensive pest management in VegetableMar

Category: F/FW-Farmer and Farm Women, IS-In service, RY-Rural Youth, VOC-Vocational

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