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KVK Sambalpur
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Training Calendar for the Year 2022-23
The following training programme has been planned by KVK during 2022-23. Interested farmer and farm women can contact KVK to undertake the training.
104-07-2022Plant ProtectionDetection and diagnosis of important pests and diseases of major field crops and its managementIS1On campus
206-07-2022 to 07-07-2022Home ScienceTraining on Value addition of MangoF/FW2On campus
306-07-2022Plant ProtectionPests of rice crop and its managementF/FW1Mendlipali
411-07-2022 to 12-07-2022Home ScienceTraining on preparation value added products from tamarindF/FW2On campus
513-07-2022 to 14-07-2022Crop ProductionSeed production in riceRY2On campus
615-07-2022Home ScienceTraining on planning and layout nutritional garden for nutritional security of farm familiesF/FW1Kud-Tabada
720-07-2022Home ScienceNursery Management of nutritional Garden F/FW1Kud-Tabada
822-07-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on formation and management of FPO F/FW1Sanatanpali
922-07-2022Plant ProtectionDiseases of rice crops and its managementF/FW1Kusuli
1026-07-2022 to 27-0-2022HorticultureRejuvination of old mango orchardF/FW2On campus
1128-07-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on importance of agricultural crop calendarF/FW1Thakurmal
1203-08-2022 to 04-08-2022Agril- ExtensionEntrepreneurship development in horticultural sectorRY2On campus
1304-08-2022HorticultureOff- seasonal tomato cultivationF/FW1On campus
1404-08-2022Plant ProtectionPests and diseases of sesamum and its managementF/FW1Jamankira
1505-08-2022Home ScienceTraining on cultivation practice of paddy straw mushroom from threshed strawF/FW1Semeltikra
1617-08-2022Crop ProductionSeed certification procedure in OdishaFW1Kabrapali
1723-08-2022Plant ProtectionManagement of important pests and diseases in sweet corn-F/FW1Kusuli
1823-08-2022Home ScienceTraining on proper substrate management for sanitation and humidity management in paddy straw mushroom cultivationF/FW1Haldi
1925-08-2022HorticultureScientific Cultivation of Sweet PotatoF/FW1On campus
2025-08-2022 to 26-08-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on development of leadership quality in agricultural sectorRY2KVK
2129-08-2022Crop ProductionINM in Sweet cornF/FW1Kabrapali
2207-09-2022 to 08-09-2022HorticultureScientific cultivation of guava fruit plantsF/FW2On campus
2306-09-2022Home ScienceTraining on women friendly farm impliments for drudgery reductionF/FW1Kusuli
2407-09-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on crop management in sesamumF/FW1Kusuli
2507-09-2022Crop ProductionImportance of soil testing and sampling procedureFW1Khaliapali
2609-09-2022Plant ProtectionPests and diseases of okra and its managementF/FW1Thakurmal
2714-09-2022HorticultureCultivation Practices of Dragon FruitF/FW1sanatanpalli
2815-09-2022 to 16-09-2022Crop ProductionSeed production in groundnutRY2On campus
2921-09-2022 to 22-09-2022Home ScienceTraining on management and Propagation potted Ornamental Plants by rural women as entrepreneurship developmentRY2On campus
3022-09-2022Agril- ExtensionEntrepreneurship development in agricultural sectorRY1On campus
3127-09-2022Plant ProtectionManagement of pests and diseases in cucurbitsF/FW1Kusuli
3211-10-2022HorticulturePackage and practices for cultivating lemon grassF/FW1Ghenupalli
3312-10-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on nutrient management in sesamumF/FW1Kusuli
3412-10-2022Crop ProductionVermicompost Production TechnologyF/FW1Kabrapali
3512-10-2022Plant ProtectionManagement of pests and diseases in chilliF/FW1Thakurmal
3614-10-2022HorticultureCultural Practices of chilli cultivationF/FW1Panpalli
3714-10-2022Home ScienceMarigold cultivation –An avenue for entrepreneurship development for farm womenF/FW1Kudapada
3819-10-2022Home ScienceTraining on Method of vegetable seedling raising by farm womenF/FW1Kud Gunderpur
3926-10-2022Plant ProtectionManagement of pest and diseases in brinjal-F/FW1Kud Gunderpur
4027-10-2022 to 28-10-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on market led extensionRY2On campus
4104-11-2022Home ScienceValue addition of cereals and pulsesF/FW1Tentelkurla
4210-11-2022 to 11-11-2022HorticultureIncome generation round the year from mixed fruit orchardF/FW2On campus
4310-11-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining on grading, packing and value additionF/FW1Thakurmal
4410-11-2022 to 11-11-2022Crop ProductionSeed production in green gram and black gramRY2On campus
4510-11-2022Plant ProtectionManagement of pests and diseases in cruciferous vegetable cropsF/FW1Thakurmal
4616-11-2022 to 17-11-2022Home ScienceTraining on Entrepreneurship development through spices making F/FW2KVK campus
4723-11-2022Plant ProtectionManagement of diseases and pests of Flower cropsF/FW1Sanatanpali
4802-12-2022 to 03-12-2022Home ScienceTraining on value addition of seasonal fruits and vegetables like tomato ,lemon, guava for rural youthRY2On campus
4913-12-2022 to 14-12-2022Plant ProtectionDetection and diagnosis of important pests and diseases of major horticultural crops and its managementIS2On campus
5013-12-2022Home ScienceTraining on cultivation practices of oyster mushroom F/FW1Adapada
5115-12-2022 to 16-12-2022HorticultureScientific method of raising quality seedlingsRY2On campus
5221-12-2022Home ScienceTraining on Low cost and Balanced diet according to different age groupsIS2On campus
5321-12-2022Agril- ExtensionTraining programme on crop management in mustardF/FW1Bargaon
5428-12-2022Crop ProductionNutrient management in blackgram and greengramFW1Mendlipali
5528-12-2022 to 29-12-2022Plant ProtectionMass Multiplication of Trichoderma virideRY2On campus
5605-01-2023 to 06-01-2023HorticultureFloriculture as a Remunarative enterpriseRY2On campus
5709-01-2023 to 10-01-2023Plant ProtectionProduction of organic pesticides for management important pests and diseases of major cropsRY2On campus
5810-01-2023 to 11-01-2023Home ScienceTraining on value addition of tomatoF/FW2On campus
5916-01-2023Crop ProductionBee keepingF/FW1Saiberni
6016-01-2023 to 17-01-2023Agril- ExtensionTraining on management of ICT in agricultural sectorIS2On campus
6118-01-2023 to 19-01-2023Plant ProtectionProduction of grafted tomato seedlings to manage wilt disease-RY2On campus
6224-01-2023 to 25-01-2023Home ScienceTraining on packaging and value addition of oyster mushroomRY2On campus
6303-02-2023Home ScienceTraining on vermicomposting, vermi wash and vermi culture from spent mushroom strawF/FW1GHENUPALLI
6413-02-2023Crop ProductionSeasonal management of honey beeF/FW1Thakurmal
6513-02-2023 to 17-02-202Home ScienceTraining on Preparation of bakery and confectionary products from locally available as income generating activities for rural youthVOC5On campus
6616-02-2023HorticultureApplication of hormones in different horticultural crops for enhancing productionIS1On campus
6722-02-2023 to 23-02-2023Home ScienceNutritional recipes for young children and pregnant/lactating womenIS2On campus
6822-02-2023Agril- ExtensionTraining on nutrient management in mustardF/FW1Bargaon
6902-03-2023HorticultureApplication of organic manure for boosting the yield of horticultural cropsIS1On campus
7009-03-2023 to 10-03-2023Home ScienceTraining on Spawn production technologyRY2On campus

Category: F/FW-Farmer and Farm Women, IS-In service, RY-Rural Youth, VOC-Vocational

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sambalpur
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