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Training Programme To be Conducted During the Year 2020-21
The following training programme has been planned by KVK during 2020-21. Interested farmer and farm women can contact KVK to undertake the training.
1F/FWAgronomyTraining on use of different herbicides for control of weeds in kharif transplanted medium land paddy July
2F/FWAgronomyTraining on method of line transplanting and water management for BPH control July
3F/FWAgronomyTraining on Integrated nutrient management in paddyJuly
4F/FWAgronomyTraining on New varieties and crop management in sweet cornNovember
5F/FWAgronomyTraining on Integrated nutrient management in Green gram and black gramDecember
6RYAgronomyTraining on quality seed production in arharAugust
7RYAgronomyTraining on quality seed production in green gram and black gramDecember
8F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on Azolla cultivation and its importance in livestockAugust
9F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on role of protected fat feeding in milk production of milch cowsSeptember
10F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on processing of paddy straw for milk production in dairy animalsSeptember
11F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on fodder cultivation and preservation techniques for cow.October
12F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on hydroponics fodder cultivationNovember
13F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on brooding management of poultryDecember
14F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on Clean milk productionJanuary
15F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining on control of FMDFebruary
16F/FWAnimal ScienceTraining care and management of kidsMarch
17RYAnimal ScienceScientific rearing of GoatOctober
18RYAnimal ScienceScientific rearing of poultryNovember
19RYAnimal ScienceTraining on entrepreneurial opportunities in agri-horti sectorDecember
20RYAnimal ScienceTraining on entrepreneurial opportunities in livestock sectorJanuary
21ISAnimal ScienceTraining on availability of feeds and cost effective ration formulation for cowsFebruary
22ISAnimal ScienceTraining on control of parasitic infestation in small ruminatsMarch
23RYAgril. ExtensionTraining on development of leadership ability among rural youthAugust
24RYAgril. ExtensionTraining on Income generation activities by using local resourcesSeptember
25RYAgril. ExtensionTraining on use of ICT tools in Agriculture and allied sectorOctober
26ISAgril. ExtensionTraining on gender mainstreaming in PRANovember
27ISAgril. ExtensionTraining on quality standard measure(packaging ,branding,grading)November
28F/FWAgril. ExtensionEntrepreneurship development in Agricultural sectorDecember
29F/FWHome Sc.Training on planning and layout nutritional garden for nutritional security of farm familiesJuly
30F/FWHome Sc.Training on nursery management practices for kitchen gardenOctober
31F/FWHome Sc.Training on cultivation practice of paddy straw mushroom from threshed strawAugust
32F/FWHome Sc.Training on proper substrate management for sanitation and humidity management in paddy straw mushroom cultivationSeptember
33F/FWHome Sc.Value addition of cereals and pulsesNovember
34ISHome Sc.Balance diet preparation from locally available food materialsDecember
35F/FWHome Sc.Training on cultivation practice of oyster mushroomNovember
36F/FWHome Sc.Training on vermicomposting, vermi wash and vermi cultureJanuary
37F/FWHome Sc.Training on women friendly farm impliments for drudgery reductionFebruary
38RYHome Sc.Training on spawn production technology for rural youthMarch
39F/FWHome Sc.Training on preparation value added products from finger milletsOctober
40F/FWHome Sc.Training on value addition of tomatoMarch
41ISHome Sc.Training on preparation of high calorie and high protein rich products to combat PEMDecember
42RYHome Sc.Training on mushroom cultivation for rural youthDecember
43VOCHome Sc.Income generating activities for rural youthNovember
44VOCHome Sc.Scientific Honey Bee cultivationOctober
45F/FWHome Sc.Scientific Honey Bee cultivationOctober

Category: F/FW-Farmer and Farm Women, IS-In service, RY-Rural Youth, VOC-Vocational

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