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Training Programme To be Conducted During the Year 2019-20
The following training programme has been planned by KVK during 2019-20. Interested farmer and farm women can contact KVK to undertake the training.
1AgronomyTraining on weed control methods and use of herbicides in arharJun-19
2Women In AgricultureTraining on value addition of mangoJun-19
3Women In AgricultureTraining on value addition of tamarindJun-19
4Agril ExtensionTraining on market-led production initiatives for vegetablesJul-19
5AgronomyTraining on method of line transplanting and use of different mechanical weeders in transplanted paddyJul-19
6Animal ScienceTraining on availability of feeds and cost effective ration formulation for cowsJul-19
7Animal ScienceTraining on fodder cultivation and preservation techniques for cow.Jul-19
8Plant ProtectionManagement of fruit and shoot borer in brinjalJul-19
9Women In AgricultureTraining on planning and layout nutritional garden for nutritional security of farm familiesJul-19
10Women In AgricultureTraining on nursery management practices for kitchen gardenJul-19
11Agril. ExtensionTraining on entrepreneurial opportunities in agri-horti sectorAug-19
12AgronomyTraining on use of different herbicides for control of weeds in kharif transplanted medium land paddyAug-19
13Animal ScienceTraining on hydroponics fodder cultivationAug-19
14Animal ScienceTraining on control of FMDAug-19
15Plant ProtectionManagement of BPH in paddyAug-19
16Women In AgricultureTraining on cultivation practice of paddy straw mushroom from threshed strawAug-19
17Women In AgricultureTraining on proper substrate mngt. for sanitation and humidity management in paddy straw mushroom cuultivationAug-19
18Agril. ExtensionTraining on entrepreneurial opportunities in livestock sectorSep-19
19AgronomyTraining on suitable varieties and method of sowing in sweet cornSep-19
20Animal ScienceTraining on control of parasitic infestation in small ruminatsSep-19
21Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management in Cereal CropsSep-19
22Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management of Sheath blight in paddySep-19
23Women In AgricultureTraining on marigold cultivation for income generationsSep-19
24AgronomyTraining on method of line transplanting and water management for BPH controlOct-19
25AgronomyTraining on nitrogen fertilizer mngt.,water management for control of BPH(F/FW)Oct-19
26Animal ScienceTraining on Clean milk productionOct-19
27Plant ProtectionIntegrated insect pest management 6of pod borer in ArharOct-19
28Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management in PapayaOct-19
29Women In AgricultureValue addition of cereals and pulsesOct-19
30Agril. ExtensionTraining on application of new media in extensionNov-19
31AgronomyTraining on seed production techniques in RiceNov-19
32AgronomyTraining on production enhancement techniques used in oilseedsNov-19
33Animal ScienceTraining on processing of paddy straw for milk production in dairy animalsNov-19
34Animal ScienceTraining care and management of kidsNov-19
35Animal ScienceScientific rearing of GoatNov-19
36Plant ProtectionIntegrated Pest Management in pulses cropsNov-19
37Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management of wilting in ChilliNov-19
38Women In AgricultureBalance diet preparation from locally available food materialsNov-19
39Women In AgricultureTraining on cultivation practice of oyster mushroomNov-19
40AgronomyTraining on seed production techniques in ground nutDec-19
41Animal ScienceTraining on brooding management of poultryDec-19
42Animal ScienceScientific rearing of poultryDec-19
43Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management in OkraDec-19
44Plant ProtectionIntegrated Pest Management of stem borer in riceDec-19
45Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management in CabbageDec-19
46Women In AgricultureTraining on compost making,Training on preparation of vermi wash and vermi cultureDec-19
47Agril. ExtensionTraining on motivational and communication skillJan-20
48AgronomyTraining on production techniques used in oilseeds and pulsesJan-20
49AgronomyTraining on weed control in groundnut by application of different new generation herbicides(F/FW)Jan-20
50Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management on Yellow Vein Mosaic in Green gramJan-20
51Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management in Oil seed cropsJan-20
52Plant ProtectionIntegrated Disease Management in Cole vegetable cropsJan-20
53Women In AgricultureTraining on paddy parboiling unit and weeder for drudgery reductionJan-20
54Women In AgricultureTraining on cultivation and value addition of mushroom for rural youthJan-20
55AgronomyTraining on weed control measures in green gram by application of different herbicidesFeb-20
56AgronomyTraining on use of micro nutrient in sweet corn for yield enhancementFeb-20
57AgronomyTraining on vermicompost production technology and its use in agricultureFeb-20
58Animal ScienceTraining on Azolla cultivation and its importance in livestockFeb-20
59Plant ProtectionIntegrated Pest and Disease Management in cauliflowerFeb-20
60Plant ProtectionIntegrated Pest and Disease Management in BananaFeb-20
61Women In AgricultureTraining on preparation of potato chipsFeb-20
62Women In AgricultureTraining on value addition of tomatoFeb-20
63AgronomyTraining on suitable new released rice varieties and their characteristics for different ecological situationsMar-20
64Animal ScienceTraining on role of protected fat feeding in milk production of milch cowsMar-20
65Plant ProtectionIntegrated Pest and Disease Management in vegetable cropsMar-20
66Women In AgricultureTraining on bee keeping and Honey extraction and packagingMar-20
67Women In AgricultureTraining for potential enterprenure on ornamental fish productionMar-20

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