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Training Programme To be Conducted During the Year 2016-17
The following training programme has been planned by KVK during 2016-17. Interested farmer and farm women can contact KVK to undertake the training.
DisciplineCategoryTitleDurationBeneficiariesTraining Conducted On
ANSFWSummer Management of Poultry birds12500-00-0000
ANSFWRole of feeding of by-pass fat for enhanced milk production12518-06-2016
ANSFWImportance of calcium supplementation for regular egg laying in poultry birds and scientific poultry12528-07-2016
ANSFWRole of green fodder & mineral mixture in milk production of milch cows12500-00-0000
ANSFWImportance of deworming of small ruminants for better survibility & production12500-00-0000
ANSFWImportance of peri-parturient concentrate feeding on livablity & production of kids12500-00-0000
ANSFWAdvantage & importnace of Azolla farming for livestock production12500-00-0000
CRPFWIntegrated Nutrient Management in Rice12523-05-2016
CRPFWMethod of soil sampling & soil health12529-06-2016
CRPFWINM in Mustard12500-00-0000
CRPFWIWM in Paddy12500-00-0000
CRPFWIWM in Oilseeds12500-00-0000
CRPFWINM in Groundnut12500-00-0000
CRPFWINM in Arhar and Sweet corn cultivation12521-07-2016
EXTFWRole of different state and central agricultural scheme for farming community development12500-00-0000
EXTFWPreparation of vermicompost 12500-00-0000
EXTFWCrop diversification & its important (Oilseed)12500-00-0000
EXTFWEnhancement of production & productivity of Arhar crop through scientific method of cultivation12500-00-0000
EXTFWOrganic Farming12500-00-0000
PLPFWIntegrated Insect Pest Management in Paddy12530-06-2016
PLPFWIntegrated Insect pest Management in Arhar12516-07-2016
PLPFWIntegrated Disease Management in paddy12527-07-2016
PLPFWBio-intensive pest management of Fruit and Shoot borer in Brinjal12500-00-0000
PLPFWIntegrated Disease Managemt in Chilli12500-00-0000
PLPFWIntegrated Pest Management of Fruit fly in pumpkin12500-00-0000
PLPFWIntegrated approach for rodent control12500-00-0000
WIAFWNutritional kitchen gardening for nutritional security and income generation of Farm Women12500-00-0000
WIAFWWomen friendly implements for drudgery reduction12530-06-2016
WIAFWPaddy straw mushroom cultivation for enterprenurship development12500-00-0000
WIAFWBackyard duck rearing12500-00-0000
WIAFWManagement and rearing of backyard poultry12500-00-0000
WIAFWFloriculture – An avenue for WSHG12500-00-0000
WIAFWValue addition of tomato12500-00-0000
ANSISImportance of control of endo-ecto-parasitic infestation in livestock21000-00-0000
ANSISImportance of laboratory dignosis for disease management21000-00-0000
ANSISImportance of feeding of probiotics for enhanced milk productions21000-00-0000
CRPISVermicompost production technology21000-00-0000
CRPISProductivity enhancement technique used for Oilseeds21000-00-0000
CRPISPackage & practices for HYV & Hybrid Paddy cultivation21000-00-0000
EXTISConflict management21000-00-0000
EXTISConservation Agriculture21000-00-0000
PLPISStored grain pest management21000-00-0000
PLPISIPDM in pulse crops21000-00-0000
PLPISIPDM in Potaato and Onion21000-00-0000
WIAISOrnamental fish rearing as income generating activity for rural youth21000-00-0000
WIAISValue addition of cereals and pulses21000-00-0000
WIAISEnhancing the livelihood of Farm Women through Oyster mushroom cultivation21000-00-0000
ANSVCScientific poultry management for better returns5400-00-0000
ANSVCIncome generation through value addition of milk5400-00-0000
ANSVCScientific goat farming5400-00-0000
ANSVCPig farming for income generation5400-00-0000
CRPVCSeed production technique in paddy5400-00-0000
CRPVCSeed production technique in Arhar5400-00-0000
CRPVCSeed production technique in Oilseed5400-00-0000
CRPVCIntegrated Farming system approaches for higher profit5400-00-0000
EXTVCIncome generation activities for school drop outs5400-00-0000
EXTVCNursery Management5400-00-0000
EXTVCBee-Keeping for Income Generation5400-00-0000
PLPVCBio-intensive pest management in Vegetable5400-00-0000
PLPVCIPDM in Oilseed crop5400-00-0000
PLPVCIPDM in fruit crops5400-00-0000
PLPVCBee Keeping5400-00-0000
WIAVCMushroom cultivation for Economic upliftment of Rural Youth5400-00-0000
WIAVCRaising of nursery by school dropouts for income generation5400-00-0000
WIAVCValue addition of seasonal fruits and vegetables5400-00-0000
WIAVCVermicomposting as income generation enterprise5400-00-0000
Discipline: ANS-Animal Science, CRP-Crop Production, PLP-Plant Protection, WIA-Women In Agriculture, EXT-Agril. Extension
Category: FW-Farmer and Farm Women, IS-In service, RY-Rural Youth, VOC-Vocational

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